words, memes, wars

gberke,2005, in good timesIn “The Nameless way of building” much is made of the nameless quality. It is shown that it does exist, but cannot be named. It cannot have word associated with it.

So, do we own words, or do words own us? We are a fertile place for them but if they grow, they may own us. Words are left brain, the nameless things are right brained and what we may see is that left brain thinking is “early binding” and wrings out important information too early in the process.

Somehow, consider war. Consider that our first meeting with a culture is often war. Consider, too, how conflict is the precursor of friendship, certainly can be, like fire is good for forests and animals test themselves against each other to achieve order. Our society removes too much of the physicality which our nature may require. Touching, pressing, testing. We are alive. But we are human and with language and memes to distance ourselves from our life, our origins.

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