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the end of the world

October 24, 2006

“When you’ve driven the car off the cliff your ability to make corrections is greatly reduced.”
That is what Bush has done: he has driven the car off the cliff.
That is the problem with the “Christians”: they were driving right for the cliff.
George Bush as Winston Churchill? George Bush is an ape.
Darfur is one view of where humans are. George Bush and the United States is quite another. Just another view of the same thing.
We expect those loonies in Pakistan to go nuts for Muhammad: of course: the are a bunch of rag heads in dirt roads. We don’t expect white people in suits to go nuts for George and Jesus. But we are exactly, quite exactly the very same people! We are made exactly the same, not one scintilla of difference. We are held in place merely by situation, and when you fuck with that, ala George and Jesus, you simply cannot distinguish us from them. We all slip into the same primitive soup. We drive the car off the cliff.
“When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging”
The Bush doctrine has not been a doctrine, but a crusade, a religious crusade.
Regime change is a religiously inspired crusade. Like some of the tenets of Christianity itself, it is not a matter of what you do, it is what you believe: there is no such thing as good outside a complete belief in Jesus. And there is no such thing as bad from within the safety of having given up to Jesus.
We have a president who is totally discredited by many, a child-like bufoon in office, elected, but no different, really, than if he had ascended by blood lines: he cannot be effectively removed. He was not stopped.
What now? The car has been driven off the cliff. Our ability to make corrections is greatly reduced.
The car is going to crash. Just that much. We should be preparing for the crash.

We should be talking about that. We must disenthrall ourselves.

Mark Foley, pedophile in the party

October 1, 2006

“House Republicans were in a quandary today as to how to handle a controversial new bill entitled “No Congressional Page Left Behind” proposed by Rep. Mark Foley (R-Fla) in the hours before his resignation on Friday.”

Must be his religious upbringing.  Christian for sure, Catholic, I can’t say.

And Hastert and the party covered for him.  They knew.