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on the notion of constraints

August 4, 2006

ala the bound man, the constrains were outside, imposed upon him, totally needed (ie, could not be created by the will), desired, and propelled the man to some measure of greatness.  absent the constraint, he would flail

a constraint prevents us from moving directly toward to goal, forces ingenuity, makes, extends the goal, finds an improved result.  religion, armies, sex, games of all kinds.

tanta is the voluntary adoption of a set of rituals (rituals are constraints)…

in sex, rather than proceed toward the impulse and extinction, the strength of the impulse is ridden, prolonged, and in that process, with that constraint, other things are discovered, other pleasures are found.

I have thought and continue now to see that marriage removes societal constraints and sex and orgasm is without obstacle, but can make the sacred profane.  Why not proceed to the orgasm?  perhaps for no other reason than to suspect the absense of constraint.